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Maximum lenght: * 1-2048

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Password Generator generates randomly selected characters. If you want to have mandatorily specific groups of characters in each password, select a conditional expression. Generator generates a maximum of 1,000 passwords. The number of passwords you enter is automatically discarded when the Generator reaches the maximum of possible combinations for selected criteria.

You can choose between Standard English alphabet (ISO-8859-1) and Slovak alphabet (ISO-8859-2). Generator ignores digraphs (consonants) of Slovak alphabet such as DZ, and CH. Generator handles all data one by one character in UTF-8 format, special terms are not accepted. You have the ability to generate the whitespace, but most web servers do not use if for technical reasons.

The Readably friendly pass function adapts the password to a written form to eliminate character similarity and omits uppercase I => l and O => 0 as well as lowercase l => I based on the user's chosen configuration.

The Disallow font overhang function automatically excludes lowercase letters g, j, p, q, y, ý, which have font overflow below the baseline of the text. Only the uppercase letter Q is ignored.

» This Generator doesn’t generate duplicate passwords.

» This script doesn’t store or send the generated password to third parties!

The site is secured

Your connection with this site is safely encrypted using SSL protocol.

If you want to generate a strong and secure password for online services or websites, it should have at least 20 characters or more. Do not use familiar words, but unfamiliar phrases, numbers and special characters. The more complex and longer the password, the lower the likelihood of it being cracked.

Always make sure to check what characters are allowed on a specific service or website before setting your password. Unfortunately, there are websites where it's not possible to use special characters in your password. This issue is surprisingly common even with various electronic and computer devices that are limited and do not allow for more secure passwords, despite often being gateways to the privacy of businesses and households.

Since few people can remember a complex password full of various mishmash characters, it is a good idea to write it down manually in a notepad - no one will steal it from you over the internet. Alternatively, you can write down passwords (for faster access) in a simple text file or XLS spreadsheet and then simply copy the password from there (CTRL+C). For safety, copy this file to a special USB stick or floppy disk.

In case you like some particular password, try to add some nonsensical sequence of different characters, for example: Jozef123 to Jozef123_4eQ@65BP:45xT. For this form of password, you can use the functions of Generator: prefix for initial phrase, or suffix for final phrase.

Good tip for passwords is, for instance, a complete sentence (including commas and whitespaces), or excerpts from poems and movies. These would be much easier to remember than any other complex password and they are also long enough. And if the password accepts diacritic, that is even better.

Calculate all possible combinations

Formula: AB = X (A*A..)

A = number of possible characters for one position
B = total length of the password
X = number of possible combinations

Example: 103 = 1000 (10*10*10)

A = only numbers 0-9 = 10 characters
B = password length 3 characters
X = maximum number of combinations is 1000

Generating domain names

The Generator can easily generate the combinations of domain names. Simply select numbers and lowercase English letters and use the suffix for specific extensions, e.g. .com. You can also use the Slovak alphabet for the domain name, but this exception applies only to type of .EU domain.

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